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Anna K.

Anna K.

Director of Design


Anna is a 3D and Motion graphics designer with over 6 years of experience in the art field. She has started her career working with traditional static forms of graphic design but quickly became fascinated by the world of animation and 3D. Once graphic design stoped being a challenge Anna has pursued a new adventure and self-taught herself  2D animation followed by 3D animation in C4D.

Confident that modern age creative has to know it all, Anna’s regular day consists of creating 3D models in Cinema, texturing them in Substance Painter and plugging them into Unity to see the game come alive.

Anna was introduced into the world of NFTs in the early 2020 when, rumor has it, the NFTs were still called “crypto art”. Ever since, she was invited to participate in multiple NFT projects but found her  passion in Taunt where she gets to combine the best of web3 and gaming worlds.

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