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Introducing Battleworld, the premier digital collectible fighting game poised to revolutionize the metaverse. Battleworld offers an immersive social platform where players can dive into free-to-play action and compete in live events for prizes. Have complete ownership of valuable in-game assets so you can buy, sell, trade

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Outsiders are unique free-to-play warriors that enhance the gaming experience by being randomly airdropped to players upon the creation of a new account. This integration with the user-friendly Magic Link technology offers a seamless way to register and sign in to the game. It includes innovative options like passwordless entry, embracing the simplicity and security of Web 2.0 features.

Once involved in the game, these Outsiders are not just for show; players have the opportunity to enter them into daily free-to-play tournaments, engaging in competitive play without any entry fee. Additionally, there's a chance to participate in exclusive Outsider Real Money Tournaments. These tournaments are special events with their own dedicated prize pools, adding an exciting layer of competition and reward to the gameplay.

step 1
Buy an Acolyte Warrior
Buy an Acolyte on your favorite
NFT marketplace
step 2
fight for the old gods
Enter your newly acquired Acolyte into skill-based contests and tournaments. Brawls are simulated and decided by our proprietary algorithm
step 3
Watch and Earn
Watch brawls and participate in prediction contests to earn prizes, completely for free


There will only be 25,000 Genesis Acolyte Warriors ever created, with each of the five races being represented by 5,000 warriors. These warriors offer the lifeblood of the game and Contenders who hold will be rewarded by the Old Gods with exclusive tournaments, multipliers on rewards, and other unique ways. 
collection of warriors

You Never Know Who MAy Show up In Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld is full of surprises. You never know who will take the challenge of the Old Gods and fight.
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